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Customs document processing:

Wide range of customs services: from EU countries, from countries outside the EU, companies and individuals, from

parcels to lorries, with residence permits, temporary asset importation / exportation.

Customs Broker:

Our experts with many years of experience will help you to draw up import, export, transit customs, as well as a certificates.

International trade- Imports and Exports:

If your business is related to international trade with Latvia and / or your supply chain goes through Latvia, our customs document draw up service is what you need.

Customs clearance has never been so easy as now.

Customs procedures clearance stages:

1. Груз доставлен в Латвию

1. Cargo has arrived in Latvian order


2. We demand and receive from you documents

3. Расчитываем налоги (если импорт) и составляем декларацию

3. We calculate taxes (in case of imports) and draw up a declaration

4. Получатель оплачивает налоги (в случае импорта)

4. The receiver pays taxes (in case of import) cargo


5. Cargo is delivered into Latvia

6. Улаживание возможных вопросов с таможней

6. Possible issues resolving with customs


7. End of clearance, cargo is ready to receive.

Why work with us?

1. Save clearance time: 

We can perform your cargo clearance only via e-mail, so there is no need to waste time for the trip to our office

2. Smooth process:

Thanks to our knowledge and experience customs procedures execution goes smoothly.

Easy as 1-2-3:

We will follow so that customs

clearance procedure would run as

simply as possible for you, so we

will support you at every turn.


Guaranteed crossing of the cargo In case if the cargo will not be allowed to cross the border due to our fault, we will refund the cost of our service or will issue new documents for free.

Warranty for customs clearance:

In case if the cargo will not be

allowed to cross the border due to

our fault, we will refund the cost of

our service or will issue new

documents for free.

Customs procedures clearance services:

For companies and individuals

We professionally perform cargo customs clearance for companies as well as for individuals.

With residence permits

Crossing the border of Latvia clear your personal things, for example: car, furniture, etc.

From countries outside the EU

Russia, China, Ukraine, Belarus, Norway, Switzerland, USA, UAE and other

Logistics and Transport

Complex customs procedures clearance in Riga port, airport and whole Latvia We will formalize import, export, transit, T1, fill in TIR carnet.

Download Document for customs clearance of cargo


Our team:

Creative team, which is up to his ears in love with its work- this is the main secret of qualitative service provision.


Over the years we have provided assistance to many individuals and companies. We appreciate your trust! ; ; ; ; ; ; ; 

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How to receive EORI number


Export KAN information


Transit KAN information




Want to cooperate?

We will be happy to cooperate not only with experienced companies, but also with organizations which have just started their way or whose budget is strictly limited. As a minimum, you will get a competent advice absolutely for free.

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